Holy Royal Arch

triple tau.jpg The Holy Royal Arch is a degree that continues the studies of Craft Freemasonry.  The exaltation ceremony is based on the Old Testament and tells the story of those returning from Babylonish captivity and are employed in the rebuilding of the city and temple at Jerusalem, and the discoveries made.

The Exaltation ceremony emphasises the centrality of God to the life of man, and leads the candidate to consider the nature of God and his personal relationship to Him.

In England the Royal Arch is considered to be the completion of "Pure and Antient Masonry".  In some countries the ceremony is included as part of the "York Rite" of additional degrees of Craft Masonry.

Triumvirate Lodge has an association with Parthenon Chapter of Holy Royal Arch Freemasons.  Any Freemason who has been raised as a Master Mason for four or more weeks is entitled to become a member of "Chapter".  Please contact the Holy Royal Arch representative (W.Bro Stephen Hall) or make a request through the conatct page on this website for more information.

Parthenon Holy Royal Arch Chapter No. 1826 meets at Sutton Masonic Centre three times per year, Installation Convocationis on the 1st Friday in May, the other meetings being held on the 3rd Friday in January and November.

Subscription is under £95per year exclusive of dining.